For Sellers

The two most important considerations when selling real estate are price and exposure.

The Importance of Price and How a Real Estate Agent Plays a Vital Role:

Wisely pricing a property, with all the necessary information and facts to support the price, is essential for success. If a property is overpriced, it will take longer to sell, it will have fewer showings, and an over-priced property will help sell other properties! A buyer is more likely to make an offer on a home that is priced right before making an offer on a home that is priced too high.  In these hard times when the market has been affected by the impact of foreclosures, it makes good sense to ensure that your house is priced appropriately.  Contact me for a market analysis of your home – it is easy and free, or for any other information that will be helpful to you.

A realtor will do a Comparative Market Analysis of the properties in the seller’s area. This will include looking at properties currently for sale, those that are pending sale, and those that have closed in the past six months. From this review, a realtor will be able to determine which properties were correctly priced at market value. By comparing the seller’s property to those with similar features, a realtor will be able to guide the seller in setting a price that will result in more showings and offers – offers from “qualified” buyers who have been pre-qualified by a mortgage lender! A market analysis also allows the realtor to evaluate the seller’s mortgage balance to determine if the seller is in a position to sell at the current market. After an offer and acceptance, the property must be able to meet a bank’s rigorous appraisal process that is based on market values in the property’s area. An over-priced property will not be successful in its appraisal by the bank.

The Importance of Exposure and How a Real Estate Agent Provides Marketing Power:

Increase your chances to win by working with a Realtor

Marketing power is a critical element for a seller to reach the largest group of ready buyers. “For Sale By Owner” properties compete with the marketing power of properties being sold by realtors. Through the Multiple Listing Service, Internet services, relocation services, other forms of advertising, well-developed networks, and lead and referral lists, realtors are able to reach a larger group of qualified buyers in less time than By Owner sellers, introducing these buyers to their listed properties first before By Owner sellers are able to reach them. Is it not in your best interests to be first in reaching potential qualified buyers?

Additionally, a Realtor will:

  • Assist the seller in assessing the property, be it land or a home, to determine what may need to be done to make it more marketable
  • Make appointments and show a seller’s property, while a seller may not have the time as a “By Owner” seller
  • Screen and pre-qualify potential buyers and, most importantly, will have relationships established with lending institutions to assist buyers with securing mortgage financing
  • Have available the required offer to purchase, current acceptable contract for that State, and any required legal documentation, such as a property disclosure; will provide the required estimate of closing costs; will knowledgeably be able to guide and proceed from contract through closing
  • Have the ability to act as the impartial holder or depository of documents and funds (escrow)
  • Have professional relationships developed with established vendors, such as lenders, title companies, inspectors, surveyors, insurance companies, attorneys, and the necessary local government officials
  • Make sure all timelines are met, which is extremely important in order to avoid potential liability!
Help is important right from the very beginning!

Once again, experienced, professional State licensed real estate agents devote many hours to training and educational programs that emphasize risk reduction and protecting clients’ interests.

Interested in listing your property for sale? Please contact me and set up an appointment regarding your free market analysis.