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Another World Series Begins! The Yankees at Phillie – A Tribute to the All-American Pastime and The Yankees Keepin’ It Affordable!

Another World Series Begins! The Yankees at Phillie - A Tribute to the All-American Pastime and The Yankees Keepin' It Affordable!

It’s opening game time for the 2009 World Series between the Yankees and Phillies. Television screens across America are tuned in as we bond together to enjoy the great American Pastime that brings us all together – for our great love of Baseball!

What is it about this sport that raises such spirit in all of us?

I can remember growing up, being the youngest and the only girl with four brothers, and a home surrounded by large open fields. Every summer day, the kids in the neighborhood gathered in the field across the road from my house, mitts, bats and balls in hand, and it was our World Series every day. The days just could never be long enough.Field of Dreams

And then it was the time of life when I was the one with three little boys who all loved baseball. It was Little League, baseball card collecting, backyard picnics at Grandpa’s house for the family game, with Grandpa pitching. Or it was backyard picnics with our neighbors, all bringing a dish for the tables under the wheeping willow or oak trees, and it was always backyard baseball! Those are the memories of life that are so rich with life’s true wealth, family, friends, love.

Our All-American pastime can be enjoyed on so many levels.

It’s the family sport that can be enjoyed together. Everybody can play, the young, the old, the amateur and the pro. Everyone enjoys watching it; it can be such a relaxing lull, or chill raising when a play is executed with precision – a wonder and an art form of what a human can accomplish on the playing field. That moment of magic!

Watching his Idols

It’s a time when people come together. There’s T-Ball, Little League and High School and College sports teams. There’s the local neighborhood adult teams, Triple A, and the Big Leagues.Brothers and Best Friends

It represents friendship and bonding.

It’s given us heroes, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and great legendary teams, like the Yankees; Corndogs and BaseballCooperstown and The Baseball Hall of Fame.

It’s the best place in the whole world for hot dogs and corn dogs! It’s the place where kids like to hang around their idols

and watch batting practice, praying to get an autograph, or to catch a ball.

It’s the single one pastime that has more facts and statistics collected to be devoured, compared and scrutinized.Red Curls and Baseball

And what’s terrific about Northeast PA? We have Yankees Triple A Ball – the Top of the Minor League!

Where a family can still affordably go and where players are accessible to the new young fans Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees at PNC Field!

Their 2010 Roster is posted. It’s great Yankee baseball – there’s Curtis, Kennedy, Corona.

Triple A Baseball brings us great action and sensational and exciting players, who are just a telephone call away from the Majors!

A Great Summer Evening and Baseball

There is Triple A Baseball and minor league teams all over America. They help keep our great American pastime affordable, and are the place where little ones can come and dream, and carry on the legend and spirit of our great sport of American baseball!

The Poconos ~ Where a beautiful home and a lifestyle that are priceless are still within one’s means!

Where friendly people still say, “How do you do!”

We offer it all ~ a precious legacy for you and your family awaits you!


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